Not The Ride I Should Have Done

Well, should have stayed indoors today. Should definitely have done an hour on the turbo, on a recovery pace. My legs are a bit bushed and going outside wasn’t the smart move.

However, I needed to clear my head. Disregarding the exercise, I needed to get away from the computer, get some fresh air (well, polluted air), and not think about work for an hour or so. Turns out I only got in 45 minutes, as meetings called. But still, 45 minutes more than I would have had inside.

The ride itself? Nothing special.

About the only good thing was I was setting a nice pace early doors. That wasn’t intentional which made it all the sweeter. However, that quickly came undone as I went on a more exploratory route.

And aside from that, I got cut up by a DHL man, which is always nice.

Before I knew it, I was home again. Ready to kick start an afternoon’s work.

Well, on the positive side, my new cycling kit arrived. Can’t say I was blown away by the Assos jersey, but the coat turned out better than expected (not bad at £30, seems very similar to the Rapha commuter jacket which is closer to £100), and the jury is still out on the Mavic gilet. I want to like it, and it is warm and packable, but I’m not sure if it will make me too hot in the wrong place?

We shall see.

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