Outdoor Recovery Rides Are Not A Thing

I don’t know about you, but I really struggle to do recovery rides outdoors.

The undulating roads. The dash to beat the traffic lights. And the drag away from said lights…

It’s really hard to keep a steady slow pace with a high cadence. Definitely easier indoors. But here’s the thing: I didn’t want to stay indoors today.

Even though, or perhaps because it’s nowhere near as hot today as it has been the past two days, or maybe because I’m sick of sitting at my PC all day and then spending another hour staring at Zwift, I really wanted to get out and get some fresh petrol fume filled air in my lungs.

However, I’d left the timing a little awkward. Not quite lunch time, not quite finished for the day… yeah, it’s been a weird one at work. Long story on that front that I won’t go in too, as it’s really not relevant.

Anyway, perhaps I should have stayed inside. Fortunately I managed to time things well enough not to get wet. Well, from the rain, anyway. It was muggy and regardless of my fairly laid back pace I came back wet and sweaty.

I’m disappointed with the lack of distance on the week so far. At just 75km in three rides I know I’m on the low side. There isn’t any real risk of missing the weekly riding goal at this point, and depending on what tomorrow holds, I may get in another 20 or 30km anyway. Maybe.

That said, I should probably rest up now. Looking at the Zwift schedule, there’s one more workout to go before we hit the mid way recovery ride portion of Zwift Academy 2021. Have to say I’m really enjoying being back in a structured routine on that front. Definitely been slacking off on that kind of thing lately.

But right now it’s time for a lolly pop and to put my feet up.

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