Over Sunders

After a couple of days off the bike, this afternoon I got outdoors and did a reverse route of one I’ve done previously.

My left foot is still in a bad way, but fortunately the bone that hurts is clearly not used for cycling as there is no pain within the entire pedal stroke. Talk about luck.

One nice thing I discovered today with the Garmin Connect is that exist routes can be very easily reversed. This is a really nice feature, and one I wasn’t expecting to be right there in the UI.

What I found today was very few cyclists out on the road, but with the UK lock down due to effectively end in the next few days, the roads (and motorways) appear back to pre Covid levels. And that unfortunately includes the idiots who get far too close when overtaking.

My plan today wasn’t set in stone. As it turns out, when I got outside I found myself doing some loose over / unders. My overs were between 240w and 260w, which surprised me. I’m yet to do a true SST session at the new FTP but considering I found the previous one to be knackering, I’m a bit afraid (maybe not the right word) of doing that session.

That said I’m not sure how many indoor rides I’ll be doing this week anyway. The forecast for the week is a lot of sun, and right now I’m vastly favouring the outdoors over the turbo.

It was supposed to hit 24c round here today, but it was 23c max and very cloudy. Still, hot and pleasant, and when I got back the bike was almost as clean as when I’d set off. What a result.

As it stands the weather is saying highs of 27c and 28c over the next two days respectively. Then comes the inevitable rain. But this hints at me doing my rides early doors for the next few days.

Quite looking forward to it.

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