Something To Prove

Given all the troubles I had indoors with The Sufferfest on Tuesday, I decided to head outdoors, what with the sun shining and all, and try and get in a proper, harder workout.

I picked a route I have done several times before – one I call the Churchtown Looparound inside Garmin. This is a nice and flat route, and once I’m out past the Broughton traffic lights, it’s (almost) none stop for the whole loop.

In total it’s just shy of 30km, so given the target of riding at 30kph or greater, the aim is to smash this one out in a sub one hour time.

According the Garmin power curve, this was either matching or beating my all time best 30 minute power output, at 241w.

Really pleased with this.

I managed to get out in bib shorts and just a jersey, so was nice and cool. Largely the wind wasn’t too bad, and aside from a few bumps in the road, the ride was fairly smooth sailing.

One funny thing that happened on this one was that as I was on my way home, I was giving it the steady beans – really pushing myself, given I’d been at it for a while, pushing along at 3.5w/kg.

Another rider passed me like I was standing still. He looked like he was grinding, a lot lower cadence than what I prefer, but man, he was a power house.

As he passed me, I consoled myself that hey, he was probably on an effort and would be slowing down any moment.


On he powered. And I mean this road is long, flat, and he left me so far behind that I kid you not, he disappeared into the horizon.

Absolutely destroyed me, he did. Fair play.

So that was that. Happy with how the ride went. Pity life went to **** when I got home… but that’s a different story. And as I stand typing this, turned out to be a huge false alarm, anywho.

All’s well that ends well.

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