These Roads Don’t Exist (On Your Garmin)

Something of a mixed bag today.

I had a banging headache all morning, not helped by staring at computers, being stuck in a stuffy office, and then having endless meetings. More of that tomorrow, sadly.

Rather than spend yet another hour staring at the screen over lunch, I decided to go outdoors and do an, ahem, base building ride.

Usually Wednesdays are 6 repeats of 170w on Zwift, a nice easy session.

That never translates well outdoors. And today was no different. On that front the ride was a total blow out.

Wanting to stay off the main roads I took a trip around part of the Guild Wheel, finding a brand new road that must have very recently opened. Traffic was super light, and the tarmac was beautifully smooth. Result?

The route itself didn’t show up on the Garmin head unit. I was, to all intents and purposes, cycling along fields. However I had a good idea where I was going, and being so quiet and, mostly, nice weather, I was quite happy pootling along.

One downside was that when I got to where I was ultimately heading, I hit a flood:

So, heading back, I took a slightly different route and then nearly got hit by a fool driving whilst playing on his phone. That put a real downer on the ride.

The other bad part is my shoulder is now killing. A classic problem I regularly experience after riding outdoors. Some small part of today’s ride may have been smooth and lovely, but most was pot hole central.

I’m looking forwards to soaking it in a nice hot bath.

Tomorrow will be indoors again, on Zwift for race day. And by race I mean get dropped and then ride alone for an hour. Racing! Yeah!

The challenge tomorrow is, as I said at the start, that I’m in for yet another day of full on meetings. So fitting in the race is the real trick.

It’s interesting that where my headache cleared up on the ride, it returned immediately upon returning home.


I think not.

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