Time Crunched

It seems as of late that everything I’m doing is on some crazy short timescale. At work I’ve been trying to meet a ridiculously tight deadline that, inexplicably, got canned first thing this morning. What that meant is that I could take a lot of pressure off myself, and instead go for a dinner time bike ride 😀

However, I only had an hour to get changed, head out, do my ride, get home, showered, and then onto the next meeting at 1pm.

I made the mistake of heading out a little too far, and so I had a harder than perhaps desired effort in order to get home in the time remaining. Foolishly this put a lot of extra strain on my knee. Certainly anything over 3w/kg and we were well into the pain territory. Silly.

One nice thing about this ride was that it was baking hot. Even by recent standards, today was a hot one. I knew it would be hot this morning when I put a long sleeve top on and was boiling by 8am. Today I was sweating sat still, though the wind did go some way to alleviating to drips.

Anyway, whilst I only got in 20km, I did get a fairly decent workout during that time and can’t really feel too bad about the effort.

Tomorrow is most definitely a rest day, and then I shall aim to do at least an hour on Saturday, and I’m, as ever, very much looking forwards to my Sunday morning ride.

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