Triple Outside Flat-ish Loops

A toss up today between staying inside and doing an SST or climb portal ride, or heading out and aiming for 30km by doing three laps of the 10km loop I’ve devised.

In the end, the outdoors won because I’d spent the morning fighting the computer to try to figure out some ridiculous maths puzzle of my own making. It had a purpose – it’s for a website of mine and is a task I’ve been putting off for ages. Got to strike whilst the iron is hot.

Anyway, it was windy out.

Windy, but warm-ish.

I went out in long sleeves and regretted it, building up a steady stream of sweat droplets to the point I thought it was starting to rain. Then it did start to drizzle a bit.

Beyond that, there wasn’t a huge amount happening. I was struggling to find a steady rhythm, largely due to the stop / start nature of the route.

Each lap, of which I did three, was largely the same. I hit all the small climbs I could find, but that was no substitute for a proper indoor effort.

In short, this one was a very inefficient use of my time from a pure training perspective. From a bike ride perspective it was a little repetative.

So really the worst of both worlds.


That said, I don’t really regret it. It can’t all be train train train. After all, I am only in it for the fitness. And indoors or out, anything is better than spending the 1h 12m on the sofa eating crisps and watching garbage.

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