Unable To Take It Easy Outside

Today was supposed to be a ‘take it easy’ ride.

I went out early as I wanted to avoid the traffic, and I’ve barely slept so figured a good early ride would help before I inevitably fade as the day goes on. Even so, I am out for tea tonight so that’s not great as I’m pretty knackered.

Anyway, the ride.

I meant to keep it easy – ideally around 200w for the duration. But thinking back, even that’s too high. Indoors I would have looked to hit around 175w, maybe even 170w. Either ride hard, or ride easy. Don’t ride in-between.

That’s what I did, though.

Somehow I managed to hit 30km in less than an hour, which was partly due to picking a flat route, but partly because I was going too hard all things considered.

It is what it is, but it was the wrong ride.

So as I say, I am feeling tired now. My fatigue has sky rocketed and I am very much due a rest. Two days off the bike are very welcome indeed.

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