Weekly Review April 4th – 10th 2022

Much like last week, this isn’t a typical weekly review.

I did manage to get out on the bike this week. But only for 3km and had to return home in a fair amount of pain. I honestly think I burned more calories getting my kit on and off.

Where I’m at right now is that the stabbing pain when moving / turning / laughing / coughing is largely gone. The only issue that remains is the pain when I take a deep breath. Actually, I’ve clocked this as anything above 140bpm and I am noticing it. This puts paid to pretty much all but the lightest of exercise.

What I’ve been doing is going on walks. My walks have been growing in distance / duration, with a decent one just yesterday at ~1.5 hours / ~8km. I felt decent after that. At no point did I have any issues, other than maybe being too hot. However, as I was walking around I was taking in some deep breaths just to see how I was getting on, and yeah, the pain is there.

Where I’m keen to get to is in a fit state to get outdoors over this forthcoming Easter Bank Holiday weekend. That’s 4 days off work, and I would be absolutely gutted if I couldn’t do some cycling on at least a couple of those days. I’ll be happy with flat stuff – nothing to get me out of breath, but so long as I can go on a long rambling ride without any risk, I’ll be content.

With that in mind then it’s a case of resting up sufficiently until Friday. I’m not even risking it.

The other thing is the long walk yesterday has given me two mega blisters. Therefore I’m kinda blocked from even been able to walk at the moment. Can’t catch a break it seems. Well, I say that… I caught a break just fine, and that’s why I’m in this mess.

So that’s about it. Hopefully normal service (with regards to cycling) resumes at some point this week. Fingers crossed.

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      • I think the main benefit is that it adds movement to the bike and employs more of the muscles you would use outdoors, indoors. I can ride for 2 hours+ outdoors and get no pain whatsoever. Indoors – hands and saddle sores after 15 mins and that’s with a good pair of bib shorts and gloves. The rocker plate is supposed to provide a more comfortable ride indoors. I’ll let you know how I get on with it. If it’s crap I might be able to sell it on for a profit.


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