What A Difference A Day Makes

I didn’t get out yesterday, and it drove me kinda wild. The reasoning? Ridiculous winds. When the neighbours bins are in the middle of the road, and the pots and plants in the back garden have been blown asunder, it didn’t fill me with a deep sense of confidence that I wouldn’t get gusted off the bike if I ventured outdoors.

But I also had absolutely no desire to go on Zwift, again, either.

So I skipped yesterday.

When I woke up this morning, the wind had died down, the temperature was already a tropical 3c, and the forecast was for highs of 9.


Sun cream required.

So I decided to head out for a ride at dinner time. I’d only get an hour, but it would be “good enough” to go someway to making up for having to be indoors all weekend.

No route was set for today’s ride. I had kinda planned to take it easy, but a few small hills saw small efforts. Mostly it was a cruise along ride, and because there was a lot of stop / starting at traffic lights and junctions, I didn’t cover a huge amount of distance.

Yet again today I had issues with my heart rate monitor.

This was most evident on the Kitchen Green climb.

As below, this shows a max heart rate of 155bpm, but I can assure you that after setting a new PB on the toughest climb of the trip, there was no way I was only at 155bpm. I’d have guessed high 180s, and that of course, skews the reporting from the Garmin head unit.

It took this ride as recovery.

I managed to get a good run in on the Kitchen Green climb today.

The road heading in was wet, and it’s a U shaped effort this one – a hill down, and then a hill back up. A friendly dog walker held fast as I zipped past, then I was into the attack.

Stayed in the big ring like a champ.

And just as I got to the top, a car reversed out of a drive way and very nearly floored me.

Profanity ensued.

But I managed to set a new PB:

After that it was a fairly leisurely ~3km cruise home.

Because of the weirdness with the HRM, I’m not entirely convinced the calorie count is accurate today. Maybe it is. Who knows?

I wish I’d bought that polar strap now. I’d never buy another Wahoo Tickr. They are junk.

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