Another Very Nice Day Out

It’s getting hotter here lately. I think today was 23c. Garmin recorded it as 28c average, which it definitely wasn’t. Not sure what went wrong there. Anyway, regardless it was short sleeves weather, finally. As in, short sleeves for both jersey and base layer.

I really wanted to get in a longer ride today. In the end I managed 40km, but had to end it there really as I hadn’t brought food, and due to the heat I ran out of water.

The one downside today was I massively bit my cheek when going over a pothole, and that’s still irritating me now.

I wasn’t actually trying to do anything in particular today. Just ride. Enjoy the sun. Enjoy being out. I’d say I succeeded at that. Staying indoors would have been daft, given how hot it was.

But yeah, for all the time I spent outside, I can’t really think of anything interesting that actually happened. It was just a bike ride. And for once, one without incident.

So I’ll end it there.

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