Another Fine How Do You Do

Another nice day out, it would have been a shame to waste it indoors. However lunch time is always a little sketchy for riding due to people going a bit quick on the sandwich run, so I opted for mostly a countryside ride. I would have said that meant more than average pot holes and road muck, but to be honest in the UK nowadays, there seems to be no difference in road quality anywhere. They are all shocking.

The route today was almost the same as Tuesday, only I detoured off towards the end of the ‘harder’ effort just for a bit of variation. Really nothing major there.

It was so nice out that I’d gone out in a long sleeve base layer, short sleeve jersey, and gillet, but had to stop about half way to remove the gillet as I was boiling. I do wonder if the slight over heating played a part in why I felt less energetic than on Tuesday, especially with the days rest between.

I hadn’t actually meant to be off the bike yesterday, but work got in the way and I’d really rather not ride later in the evening. Bit miffed not to get the two rest days in a row though.

Overall though, pretty decent for a midday weekday ride. I got almost the full hour in on the bike and feel like I worked hard throughout.

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