Biker Mouse From Mars

Squeak, squeak, squeak…

My bike sounds like it has a mouse living inside it somewhere. What gives?

It’s been happening ever since I had the snapped rear cabling replaced but lately, as in the last week, it seems to have gotten a lot worse. I’ve tried lubricating the chain, but I don’t think that’s the fault. I suspect it’s that cable somehow.

Anyway, squeaking bike aside, it was a good ride out today. Getting in 30km at dinner time is always great, and even though I had a near miss outside Morrisons down on the docks, I did enjoy this one. Sweaty, but a good workout.

What I’m trying to do at the moment is just build back up. It’s slow going. Mentally I have tricked myself into believing I was much better before my accident, but in truth I don’t think I’m too far off my previous pace.

My other experiment in fitness at the moment is being done exclusively indoors and that’s all about building up my upper body a touch more. The press ups are improving. Last night I managed 67 in 7 minutes 49 seconds. That’s more, and faster than any previous evening. Slow going though. Slower going than the cycling, that’s for sure. Good though.

The debate I’m having now is whether to take a recovery day tomorrow or not.

If it’s a nice enough day, I might go out for a pootle around after work.

If not, well, I might skip it and have a beer instead. It’s a tough life.

Anyway, time to do my press ups and then I can call it a day for today.

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