Chipping Away

Another day, another only 15km. I don’t know what’s wrong with me this week, but I just can’t seem to find the energy to put in a session. At least, not since the Tour of Watopia Stage 4 absolutely pounded me.

Amazingly, four rides in, I’m not yet at 100km on the week. Granted, three of the four have been outdoors, but that’s not a great excuse this week.

Today’s ride turned into yet another 30-45 minute easy ride, or as easy as I allow myself to go when outdoors. Generally I do some easy stretches, and then find myself gunning it for no reason. In that regard I very much miss the enforced structure of a Zwift workout.

However, after doing a day in the (thankfully home) office, I find my eyes are all fuzzy by 4pm, and I absolutely need to get out. I intended to head outdoors when I finished early at 3pm, but didn’t have the motivation. I decided to have a beer instead. It looked for the longest while like I’d skip the day. But I did manage to get myself in the mood after my tea.

The route I ended up taking today was unusual. Somehow I managed to put in a 25 minute 10km, which by my standards, when outdoors, is pretty fast. I’m not sure how I managed this, as there was all kinds of stuff thrown in there, from gravel tracks to little climbs, stops and starts, and double backs.

Then the last 5km took 15 minutes, so I’d really slowed down, yet it didn’t feel much different… as best I recall.

Anyway, what with it being Friday night, and the pubs now allowed to be open again, it was fairly rowdy outdoors. I got two weird lads having a go at me, and in some parts didn’t feel safe. My fault, bad choice of route. Lessons learned.

I’ll aim to head out again tomorrow, but won’t kill myself if I don’t. There’s plenty of nice weather in store (allegedly) over the next 10 days, but I also need to preserve something for ToW Stage 5. Who knows what that will entail.

Until then!

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