Cycling Incidents Are Like Buses

Thankfully, not involving buses.

I had two incidents today.

No joke, within the space of a couple of minutes.

The first was a little car that had a green P plate on – one that means “I just passed my test”. The guy pulled out on me, no indicator.

So I shouted, “Our Lord in heaven, why fore art thou not’th indicating?”

Or, words to that effect – with a tad more profanity.

Clearly, he heard.

So, he pulls to the right and parks on the curb. And I knew what was coming. I slowed, and he made like he had stopped. As I went to pass, he then swerved off the curb and directly towards me, before slamming on as I reacted.

Well, I am a pretty calm person.

Sort of.

In the heat of the moment I decided, you know what? F this.

So I stopped, and walked casually back to him. For a guy who was the big “I am” only a few seconds before, he suddenly became quite alarmed.

I must admit, I was in two minds as to whether to put my cleat into the side of his door. The damage would be satisfying, I can only imagine.

But as quick as I angered, seeing him panicking in his seat calmed me, and I leaned in to his window and said, “just indicate.”

He apologised. Incident over.

I then cycled to the end of the street, went on to the main road down to the lights and a motorbike came so close to me I swear I could smell his body odour.


Also there was some other cycling involved today. But it’s all over shadowed by that.

I believe tomorrow is due to rain. Aside from needing to wash my bike I am kinda done with being outdoors for the moment. Which is sad, because I deliberately left it today til later in the afternoon to miss the rush hour kn-b heads. Didn’t work.

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