Weekly Review July 1st – 7th 2024

Each week I try to review and reflect on my previous week on the bike. This allows me to see how my fitness and ability is progressing on a wider timescale than day to day. For previous weekly reviews please click here

A really good week with a couple of longer 40km+ rides, some climbing, and generally enjoyable cycling. If only every week could be like this.

Here are this week’s rides:

The one downside to this week was a bit of bad weather. Wind, mostly. But a bit of rain.

And I guess if I had to be picky I’d rather ride Monday through Wednesday, then rest on Thursday and Friday. But Monday was bad weather so I couldn’t do that.

However, getting in a good, hard ride to kick off the week, and a solid longer and climbing ride at the end really book-ended this one nicely.

The downside would be tiredness. I’m not used to riding quite this much as of late, so it’s really taken its toll on me. When I came off on Saturday the Garmin suggested three days recovery. I promptly went out for a long walk on Sunday, and at the the time of writing have just come back from another ride on Monday.

I think a good rest would actually do me wonders.

The thing is, I don’t want to break the habit. It’s hard to get riding again after a lot of rest, and I have a rest planned for a few weeks off. Well, of sorts.

Overall though, very happy with this one. It’s a hard act to follow.

But I can only try.

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