Decompression Session

Normally I wouldn’t ride on a Monday. But these last few weeks being off work mean my schedule is a lot more ‘available’ so I guess I just do whatever I want.

However, I’m interviewing / applying for jobs all the time – some holiday. So today was an interview day, which meant that I waited all morning for the call, then when it was done I just wanted to get out of the house and blow off some steam.

What better way that on the bike?

The route I picked today was intentionally, shall we say, scenic. That did, however, mean I ended up some absolutely shocking bike paths… or whatever the hell you’d call these dirt tracks. I haven’t checked, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the next time I see my bike the tyre(s) is / are flat. It’s currently sat out in the back garden waiting to be washed.

Anyway, yet again I learned some new routes around Preston. I discovered yet more ways to get to places I’ve seen before but had no idea what was there or how one might get there. All good.

But really today was just about riding around, getting some fresh air and sun, and chilling out. And I’d have to say mission accomplished.

The question does become whether or not to do a more intensive ride tomorrow. I have a route in mind, but equally fancy a longer turbo session or maybe even hitting the Trough of Bowland route. Have to see how I feel.

Right anyway, time to go wash the bike and check for punctures.

2 thoughts on “Decompression Session”

  1. You need a “gravel bike” seriously, road bike style- but 40mm tyres with a more relaxed geometry as well. Literally the best purchase I ever made (even have 2 of them now) and stopped all my road biking (well, using the gravel on the road between places etc)

    • With the state of our roads I think gravel bikes should rebrand to just ‘bikes’.

      Any thoughts of a new bike are totally off the cards at the moment. I am a jobless bum. I’ve considered a gravel bike – but as an extra, not as my main. Be easier if I knew how to build bikes. Cheaper, too. Bit like PCs.


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