Easter Funday

Sunday morning rides used to be a thing. And when I did them I would always reward myself by taking it super easy. No pressure, no targets, just ride for enjoyment.

And that’s pretty much what I did today. It’s actually pretty hard to do much else with the route I took because there’s so much stop / starting.

One thing that caught me out today was the tailwind. On my “out leg” I was flying and feeling great about how fast I was going for what felt like not the biggest effort. And then I got to my turn around point and was given a very rude, very windy awaking. 

Heading back was a right old slog. Made harder because I’m suffering massively from poor indexing with the read wheel on. I’m not entirely sure why this is. I have the same cassette on both trainer and wheel, both very recently purchased. I would index for outdoors if I rode outside more. As it is it would just make life harder for the majority of my indoor rides. 

Beyond this the only other thing to say about today was that I tried to do a few anaerobic efforts. Not something I do very often. Right now I’m just trying to do a mixture of stuff to try to get my fitness back as quickly as possible.

Hopefully get another ride in tomorrow. The weather is due to turn by midday apparently so maybe a morning ride.

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