Fitness Off A Cliff

Frustration is the word of the … well, I don’t want to say Day, because it’s far beyond that.

I’d say it’s overall been a very frustrating Quarter.

I know I’m due my FTP test for Quarter 1 this weekend, but I also know there’s very little point as I don’t think the numbers would tell me what I don’t already know, and besides which, I’m really struggling to do sustained efforts without hurting my chest / lungs through aggravating my cough.

On the plus side, it was nice to get out for a change. Usually Saturday’s would be indoors on the treadmill. Today, a 50 minute bike ride, with a 25(ish) minute effort put in early on, and then a far easier ride after that.

The numbers are nowhere near what I was doing fairly recently, and whilst that’s to be expected it is nevertheless really disheartening.

One other thing today, and I know I always bang on about it, but I got caught out by a pothole and it smacked my lower back something awful. That was early on, too. So I put up with that for the rest of the ride. My word the roads are in a real state. Zero improvement in the time I’ve been out riding, and that’s several years at this point.

Anyway, keeping it short today. Hoping to get out tomorrow morning too. Maybe avoid the traffic. Fingers crossed.

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