Fourth Time Unlucky?

I’ve mentioned it a few times recently that my wife has been struck down with Covid since coming back from holiday. Well, I think I’ve been hit with it again, too. That’s four times now.

Yesterday I felt terrible. So a bit of ‘real life’ stuff – I am currently job hunting which is a royal pain in the ass, but on Monday I put myself as ‘available’ for the first time on LinkedIn. Let’s just say Monday was manic. And so given how I felt yesterday I should have stayed in bed, but because I had / continue to have so much interest, and I’m equally (if not even more so) keen to get my next gig lined up and signed off, I couldn’t take a rest yesterday. Nuts, but true.

Even so, there was no way I could handle a bike ride. It was a lot of phone calls and headache pills.

But today? I felt fine. I had an interview first thing and then I had yet more calls, but by lunch time I wanted to get the heck out of dodge. Fortunately I was fine and the weather was / is glorious. So off I went. Flats only, but still, better than nothing.

Without a route in mind I found myself heading up to Ecclestone, going to visit my grand parents grave. Always a nice thing today. From there I came back on a loop, aiming to hit ~40km for the ride. I went a little harder in the first 20km than the second for sure, but I did put in a sprint in the second half of the ride.

But really it was just about getting out there. And hopefully more of the same tomorrow, all being well. Now there is a possibility I may pay the iron price for today’s activity. My previous experiences with Covid have been very much a Sine wave type thing. One day bad, one day fine, next day bad, etc. We shall see.

I’ll leave you with this saucy leg shot. Tatty old nike socks. Tatty old shoes. Unshaven legs. I know you love it.

I still won’t wear my new clean shoes outdoors. Such a pretty boy.

2 thoughts on “Fourth Time Unlucky?”

  1. Those legs and socks, I swear you’re baiting me to comment 😂 probably would have been been at least a 29km/hr average speed with freshly shaved pins.

    I found noticeable difference, although Chewbacca is a second cousin of mine.


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