Gone With The Wind

You know when you get about 20 minutes into a ride, sufficiently far enough from your house that turning back feels like it would be giving up too soon, and that you probably spent more time getting ready for your ride than the actual ride so far… but you still strongly consider it?

Well, that’s basically how I felt today.

I pressed on, of course, because I’m a sadist (I think), but good golly was I not in the mood. Or rather, my legs weren’t. Mentally I think I was alright – keep turning those pedals over, I must be doing alright… surely? Look down, nope 2.4w/kg, why does this feel like I’m working a lot harder than that?

Oof. Yeah, one those rides.

It didn’t help with having strong winds in seemingly every direction. However, it was quite sunny and generally pleasant enough to be out in short sleeves without a gilet.

One thing that absolutely sucked today was not having my kit ready. So I dug through the washing machine, and this is pretty rank so you have been warned, but I found my kit. Aha! Success! It was wet… well, damp. Just washed, I was sure.


I stuck it in the tumble dryer and waited for 15 minutes to get it both toasty and dry.

But no, when I took it out… it stank! Ewww.

Well, I figured maybe it might be time to buy some new kit… or you know, maybe wash it twice in a row from now on?

Alas, my wife pointed out that if it was in the washing machine, it hadn’t been washed yet. She’s down with covid and I hadn’t done the washing… so there I was, in yesterday’s sweaty steaming stinking kit, and that was before I’d even set off.

Surprising then, that I was in a mood to ride even with all that. But whatever. I do think I’m hit with a mild bit of covid myself. I’ve awoken thrice now with a frontal headache – much milder than when I had it full bore, but I’m hoping / thinking that this is the reason for feeling worn out on the bike.

The question is then, whether to have a rest day tomorrow?

I’m planning to be off work for all of June so there’s plenty of time to rest up and hit the roads again when feeling better. But it’s a tricky one as I do feel ready to go right now, but my legs say differently shortly after setting off.

The hazards of my life eh? Could be worse. First world problems, etc.

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