Layer Cake

The secret, it seems, to keeping warm on an outdoor ride in the middle of winter is to wear several layers.

But there is one area that lacks layers. Take a look at what I was wearing today, and you see if there’s something I’m missing:

  1. Helmet, hood, sunglasses – protect the noggin, keep the wind off my ears, and my eyes
  2. Base layer, jersey, long sleeve looser jersey, jacket – stops chilly nips
  3. Bib tights – err….
  4. Socks and shoes – fortunately I don’t seem to suffer from cold feet

Yep, it’s the lower half that seems woefully under protected.

But what should I do?

I can’t wear thermal underpants with bib tights due to chaff-age. Is it the case that we just have to grin and bare it?

Answers on a postcard, or in the comments section – much appreciated.

My route today was deliberately long and meandering. I knew there were a few little climbs thrown in, but overall it was to be taken at a gentle Sunday pace. I’ve done my hard work for this week, thank you very much.

I went down some of this route yesterday. Today I was greeted by the following sight:

At first I thought this was the overnight wind bringing down a tree.

Alas, no.

This was the aftermath of some motorist plowing through a barrier, down through some trees, and into a ditch. Hopefully they made it out alive, but one thing was obvious: they must have been absolutely nailing it to make that kind of mess. Nuts.

I had to carry my bike over this section of the path – it was like some triathlon or something. Not used to that.

I wasn’t quite ready to head for home, so carried on down through Avenum Park and followed the River Ribble along the Guild Wheel. The banks were full to bursting, though this section where I took the picture was fairly quiet. The same can’t be said for many of the other sections of the route – lots of Prestonians enjoying the walk during lock down, it seems.

Aside from that, not a whole lot to report. I don’t think I covered any new ground today. Just pottering along, getting some fresh air, exercise, and clearing my head for the week ahead.

Joyful stuff. Shame it was so cold.

Going to take a proper rest day tomorrow. Looks like Stage 6 of the TdZ 2021 has started now, and from what I’ve seen, the next route is 4 laps of Innsbruckring. By comparison to what we’ve had the past three weeks, it feels like an easy one.

Whether I’ll still be saying that by the end of it, who knows?

2 thoughts on “Layer Cake”

  1. Castelli NanoFlex bibs are great in the colder weather, has a bit of fleece in there but still very breathable. I also use NanoFlex leg warmers too, keeps the chill off. They aren’t cheap and I think DHB and Sportful do their own variants of them as well. I’ve used this combo down to about -1°c and been comfortable. Up top its DHB merino base layer, Jersey and Castelli Gabba with NanoFlex arm warmers.


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