Wind Shear

In a word, today’s ride could best be described as: windy.

At one point the wind gusted so hard I was almost blown over. Absolutely nuts.

Also, for 4c, it was cold. I went out in my rubber gloves (it’s neoprene, but I think calling them rubber gloves is hilarious) but had the foresight to take my snowboarding gloves crammed into my jersey pockets. Thank God I did, as well, because by half way around my fingers were once again numb and I had to pull on the over gloves.

The ride itself was intended to be laid back. As famous cyclist Han Solo once advised: ride casual, Chewy.

I actually didn’t do a great job of riding casual. This was in part due to the wind. Sometimes I had to go hard to get off the open areas, which kinda spoiled the meandering vision I had for today.

Also, wearing the big double gloves means interacting with the Garmin bike computer is basically impossible. So for most of the ride, I had to listen to it constantly beeping in protest at me not following the route. How annoying. Not annoying enough for me to stop, take off my gloves, and shut the damn thing off, but annoying all the same.

Anyway, because I didn’t follow my route I didn’t do quite the distance I had in mind. And at 1h 10m with only 640 calories burned, I wasn’t efficient, either.

But I kinda enjoyed it. It’s nice to get out, and for once it hasn’t rained. The gritters were out though, so I’m guessing frost or worse overnight, and that may kybosh my ride tomorrow. We shall see. All being well I’d really like 1h 30m outdoors tomorrow, nice and laid back, sensible roads, no wind.

We can all dream.

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