Love Heart(rate Data)

Yesterday was the hottest day of the year (so far), and I decided to take that one as a rest day. And so, of course, today was about ten degrees cooler, dull, and a bit rainy. Classic England.

Anyway, that wasn’t enough to put me off riding, or heading outdoors.

Oh, also yesterday, my new Polar H10 heart rate monitor arrived, so I was super keen to test it out.

I had planned a route for this one of 30km, aiming to be out for about an hour or so. However, almost right off the bat, I hit a road closure. There’s a huge new motorway extension going on around here (goodbye countryside), so that put a massive spanner in my plans.

In the end I decided to hit a route I’ve done many times before, knowing it would be roughly 20km and that would be ‘good enough’ for the day. That, coincidentally, is exactly the point it started spitting rain. Fortunately it was just about hot enough, though I believe a long sleeve base layer would have been fine today.

Very early days on the Polar H10, but so far all good.

Fresh out of the box it smelled nice – perfumed, I’d say. Can’t think it will remain that way for long… bleurgh 😀

Sync’ing up with BlueTooth was super easy. I guess some kind of indicator on the device that it was on and working would have been nice, but given it paired with the Garmin and started showing my numbers on the head unit straight away, I was confident it was working as intended.

I’ll give it a few more uses before I give a proper judgement, as to be fair, the Wahoo Tickr 2 worked just fine the day I got it. The issues began a few weeks later.

I’m not sure if I will get out again tomorrow. It’s weather dependant.

I received an email to say my The Sufferfest 14 day trial has now ended, so it’s time to sub there the next time I go indoors. All good. Pity I didn’t get to try any of the yoga or other stuff during my trial, but I’ll definitely be continuing with it.

I’m hoping the weather comes back nice for the weekend. It would be nice to get out on a bit of a longer ride on Sunday morning if I can.

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