Out For Lunch

Another super hot day, another opportunity for an outdoor bike ride that was too good to pass up on. The temperature was at 23c when I set off, but fortunately the sun was mostly behind the clouds, so whilst it was lovely and warm, it wasn’t overwhelming.

For this one I set off on a ~20km route, mostly flat, knowing that I should be able to get out and back within my hour long lunch break. That all went well enough, and the ride itself was absolutely lovely.

There’s a house on this route that always has a little cycling trivia quiz on the board. Can you answer the Q? For once, today, I could. No idea what yesterday’s Q was though. Top placed Brit, maybe ?

Really not a huge amount to report from this one. I really enjoyed it, but wasn’t pushing too hard. A nice 600 calorie burn, and another ~20km on the weekly total.

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