Makes Watts Whilst The Sun Shines

Not sure if I would be riding or not tonight, I decided pretty much as I finished work for the day that yes, getting out of the house would be a jolly good idea indeed. And whilst this was in large part brought on by horrendous eye strain, the other big motivating factor was this mini end of summer “heatwave” we’re being treated too.

It’s not going to last…

So best make the most of it, eh?

Given that the last two night’s rides have been more structured or full on, I wanted to take it a little easier tonight and, ideally, have a bit of a chill out ride.

That… Kinda didn’t happen. But I didn’t go as crazy as I have done on other similar rides in the past.

I went and did a bit of exploring, though in the end it all turned out to be roads I’ve visited before… And some I forgot I’d vowed not to visit again. Round here it’s almost as if they’ve migrated large chunks of the lunar surface right here to Earth, and we get the dubious honour of riding them on our suspension-less, rigid framed road bikes. Deep joy.

Really then there isn’t a great deal to say about today’s ride. It’s another 20km on the week, and in theory it earns me a rest day tomorrow.

The thing is, as this weather is most definitely not going to last, I kinda want to make the absolute most of it whilst I can. So I’m semi tempted to kit up and head out again tomorrow evening, all being well. Still likely to be a chilled ride, just get out, enjoy the late afternoon air (and road pollution), and unwind after another long and hard week.

Gotta love the freedom of owning a bike.

Or maybe I’ll get stuck in to some beers and sit in the back garden instead. Who the heck knows? Only time.

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