My Poor Antique Legs

Oh mercy. So yesterday I went on something of a hike. Not one for climbing fells, I am today paying the price. Not so much as I might be doing were it not for the bike, but clearly going up hills on foot uses some different leg muscles to a similar activity on the bike. I’ve also inexplicably ended up with a blister on my little toe, so that’s pleasant.

Anyway, today I wanted / needed to get out of the house. There’s plenty of reasons why, but tired legs and general tiredness overall had to be put aside in favour of heading out for as many kilometres as I could muster from cycling.

With both the idea of not feeling too stellar, and also the clouds looking a little rainy, I stayed fairly close to home. Close enough that I could be back within, at most, ten minutes if I suddenly felt the urge.

My route today wasn’t planned, but did take in a couple of places I feel most relaxed – one being the Longsands area of the Guild Wheel, and the other being Avenum Park. Both of those routes are quiet and peaceful, pretty much exactly what I need – mentally at least – right now.

I’ll be looking to get outdoors again tomorrow I think. Not too sure where or when just yet. I do have some other commitments tomorrow, so I’m not expecting any big rides or whatever. Then on Friday I very well may do another hill climb. On foot, that is. I have Pendle Hill in mind this time.

They do say that variety is the spice of life.

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