MyWhoosh – Sweetspot #1 in Yas Marina Circuit

I’m trying to get in at least one MyWhoosh ride each week, and have been pretty consistent with this now for the last few weeks. It’s nice to vary it up, and it’s nice to see where MyWhoosh beats out over Zwift, and vice-versa.

For once, today, there were other real life humans riding around to chat too. That was good, but it did highlight a few issues with the MyWhoosh chat facility. Four of those issues are:

  • The size of the chat box is crazy small – like 6 sentences and it’s gone. The scroll back up is a pain, too.
  • Messages truncate at some unspecified limit. This is when you type in say 100 characters, which it lets you do without issue, but when the message sends it cuts of at, say, 70 characters leaving your message messed up. Silly.
  • Also it take ages to display after sending – type something, click submit, and it goes… where? Well wherever it goes, it takes about 10-15 seconds to display in the chat box.
  • Chat loses focus after typing – pretty annoying given the above, as you manually have to click the mouse to get back onto the chat box after every single thing you type.

So definitely some things to work on there. Three of them seem like easy fixes.

Why the messages are taking so long, I think, may be down to some kind of server side checks or profanity filtering possibly. The other thought I have is they have left chat firing off messages to the Middle East / the nearest data centre to MyWhoosh (Dubai?), and as such the lag is insane for those of us further afield.

I’ve never actually really noticed these things, as this was the first time I’d had any real social interaction on MyWhoosh. I’m glad to see the platform is growing in users, and those on there were all highly positive of the platform.

My workout – well, my hardware somehow suffers on every other platform than Zwift. Here’s what I mean, best illustrated by two Strava ride reports.

This one is the one MyWhoosh uploaded:

And this is the one my Garmin recorded:

You tell me what’s going on here. I cannot figure it out. Only Zwift has ever got this right.

Out of all the rides I’ve done so far on MyWhoosh, this one – the Yas Marina Circuit – was the most visually uninteresting. The gist of it is that you’re riding round, I think, the Formula 1 circuit in Abu Dhabi. But not being a formula one fan, I have to say it was a little boring.

However I believe you can actually do this if you go to there in the real world. This is a thing. And I believe they do race bikes on there, too. So that’s quite cool.

Anyway, not the most taxing workout – and rightfully so. I was a little sore in the knees so didn’t want to go crazy. All in all then, mission accomplished.

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