MyWhoosh Zone 2 Steady State Workout

A slightly longer one today. I opted for MyWhoosh’s Zone 2 Steady State workout, which is, as best I am aware:

  • 3 minute warm up at ~50% FTP
  • 2m 10s step up at ~60% FTP
  • 52m 50s at ~67% FTP
  • 2 minute cool down at ~50% FTP

Much like yesterday I set this one up to run with an in-ride FTP of 200w, which then meant I could sit at approximately 160w / 95rpm for the long interval.

That all seemed to work absolutely fine.

And again much like yesterday I took my work laptop with me for this one, meaning I spent most of the hour working, rather than paying attention to the screen.

What I can say about today’s ride is that I noticed several on-screen prompts / overlays explaining various aspects of the workout. I tried to capture some of these, but there were plenty and I couldn’t get them all.

For the map today I went with Belgium, and the route was Bruges, I believe. That one was about 10km with only 1m of elevation per lap. As flat as a pancake.

A really nice looking map overall. I really liked the tunnel part with the boat going past. Making the most of the Unreal Engine, nice to see. Far nicer visuals than Zwift.

But that’s enough for me this week. Three riding days in a row – not done that in ages, actually. I think Saturday is going to be my next run also – so back to Zwift for that one.

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