Watts Your Own Wednesday

Super duper easy ride tonight. Feeling it off the back of two intensive hour long rides. This one felt hard enough to get going, but after about fifteen minutes the rhythm was found the and minutes slowly but surely chipped away. I guess the nicer thing about harder rides is there’s very little time for … Read more

Active Recover-knee

The long and short of it is yesterday I did a structured workout that had some repeated  30 second bursts up to 205w (as best I recall), and whilst I was mid way through the second block of 6 repetitions, the delay in spin up of the turbo caused me to put a strange amount … Read more

Advent of Cycling – Day 23 – I Wish It Could Be Recovery Every Day

I had to take it easy today. My knees are desperately in need of a proper rest day. Mentally, and physically, today I am feeling thrashed. It’s not helped by a terrible nights sleep – bed at 00:30, up at 04:27 and unable to sleep much after that. Fortunately tomorrow is my last day of … Read more