Zwift Academy Recovery Ride Open (Again)

One that I had to do today. And thankfully as this one wasn’t a ‘guided’ ride, I could do whatever the heck I felt like without feeling like I wasn’t doing it improperly. So the ride aim was simple: stay within the “grey zone” or recovery area. Effectively don’t go above ~125w for the 45 … Read more

Cooped Up Inside

Throughout the latter half of this week – mainly since Thursday – I’ve been feeling sore in my right knee. I’m not sure if this was damage done during last Sunday’s long ride, or maybe the way I’ve been sitting (cross legged) during the working day. Whatever, I’ve not wanted to put undue pressure on … Read more

Two Washes

Just a light spin tonight. Or at least, that was the aim. I wanted to wash my bike, mission accomplished, and then as the weather was nice I decided I’d go for a 30 minute / 10km recovery spin. Due to illness, it’s been a while since I’ve been out (aside from this weekend) so … Read more