Not Quite As Busy As Christmas

Typically for a Sunday morning I was pretty short on time for my ride. I could leave it until later in the day as by all accounts it’s going to be fairly warm this afternoon, but I do like to go out early on a Sunday as it’s much quieter on the roads. Plus I like to get my exercise in early, so I can then laze about for the rest of the day without feeling bad about myself.

I’d planned to take it fairly easy today and whilst I failed on that in parts, I definitely came up shorter on distance in a similar amount of time than comparable rides. So to me that says I was taking it easy – by my standards.

For this one I decided I’d mosey on up to Leyland(ish) and grab a picture of the Amazon truck yard. Last time I went up there it was ridiculous. And also I’d just broken my second of three phones in that period, so had no camera to catch the piled up parking area full of Amazon Prime vans. Being somewhat anal about such things, I couldn’t let it slide. I had to go back and get the photo.

Of course, today being some random Sunday in May, unsurprisingly Amazon do not have quite the back log they do around Christmas. Ouch, right in the Bezos profit margins. So the truck yard was fairly lack lustre. There was a steady stream of Prime vans to-ing and fro-ing, but by the time I got there it was around 10:10, and I needed to be back home for 10:45, so there was no time for idling around observing plucky truckers.

Back then, and on the way home I made decent enough time to pop around Avenum Park for a quick spritz, then home via town. Preston ‘city’ centre is a bit of a mess at the moment, roads wise, so I was glad the mistake I made today – leaving me on the road works infested ring road – was done on a quiet Sunday morning.

Anyway, beyond this I just have to do my day’s press up challenge and then that’s me done for ~36 hours or so as far as exercise is concerned. Right now, however, I think I shall treat myself to a cup of coffee.

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