Nothing Doing


I don’t think I can summarise this morning’s ride with any better a word. Is meh a word? Maybe it’s just a feeling. Or a noise I make. Whatever, it wasn’t a great ride.

The problem today were two fold. Firstly, it was cold and wet. Thankfully not raining, but wet on the road – something I had failed to check by simply looking out of the window before dressing, and once out I was already committed.

Secondly I couldn’t decide on a route. What that typically means is I end up meandering around, taking corners, scrubbing off speed… not the ideal distance covering approach to cycling.

At the end of it, as yesterday, the Garmin summed it up as Unproductive. It felt it.

Fortunately I did do something productive: immediately afterwards I washed the bike. It’s now lovely and clean.

But aside from that, I’m looking forward to a rest day. MEEEEEEH

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