That Fine Rain That Soaks You Through

Bit of a mistimed ride today. As far as I know it was pretty much dry all day… until I went out of the door and then it started raining. But only a bit of drizzle. Nothing much.

However, it didn’t stop with the drizzle. Pitter patter, all the way around. Slowly but surely accumulating. Until I was pretty much wet all over.

Now, by sheer bad luck, I had no washed bib shorts. All I had were my winter spec thermal bib tights. And I wanted to try out my other new long sleeve jersey. So I had gone out sort of suitably prepared. Heck, I even took my rain jacket.

What I was most concerned about was over heating. Which was certainly a possibility, actually, even with the rain. But this had the unexpected bonus of forcing me to ride at a nice and relaxed pace. Even with the drizzle, I was nice and toasty in my various layers, and that bodes nicely for the forthcoming winter.

Regarding the ride, I wanted to get in something of a longer route today. Coming in at 30km and ~1h 15m, I was happy enough with that. If I could get another, similar length and distance ride in tomorrow morning I will be super happy with how the week has been.

Disregarding the rain, the only downside today was that the Garmin moaned at me as being on an unproductive ride. Also, one prannock in a big truck cut it very fine when over taking me. Honestly, in the wet I’m flashing and luminous and it baffles me how I have more close calls in the wet than ever in the dry.

But still, Sunday morning awaits. I need to burn off this curry…

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