Oh By The Way

Pah. A lovely sunny Sunday morning, up early, fed and watered, and suitably dressed. And then my wife gently reminded me I had to be home by 11 am so that they could attend a pre-arranged family thingy I’d compeltely forgotten about. But by 11 am, that meant they needed to be there for 11 am, so setting off no later than 10:40!

Unfortunately by this point it was past 09:20, and as such I only managed to get about 45 minutes outdoors, giving me 20 minutes or so outbound before having to turn around and head back.

Anyway, better than nothing, and as I’ve already done my 100km weekly riding goal (and all outdoors) then I wasn’t too miffed. I genuinely would have liked to have had a longer ride though today, and had pre-planned a route with a decent climb (Pleasington) should things have gone to plan.

As it is, the ride today was short and largely uneventful. About the only fun thing today was being passed by this chap on a very fancy looking bike – guessing it was some expensive carbon effort – only for him to have to stop and get off to push up the hill when it came to it. He’d passed me at the traffic lights, giving my absolute entry level Allez a bit of a sneer to boot. Funny.

So that’s it for the week. Not a bad one, all in. It’s amazing to me that it’s June already. It doesn’t seem like 5 minutes since I was heading out in the freezing January weather, double gloves and double cold all over. Loving the sun though, makes up for the fact we can’t leave the country. At least the weather has come to say hello.

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