Legs Went Half Way

A fun one today. Get out. Enjoy the sun. Short sleeves, bib shorts, sun cream… and then less than half way around my legs were just like… nope, not today Chris, not today. So I had to ease off. I’d only planned on doing this one around 3w/kg, but I had to dramatically rein that one back in.

Anyway, with the sun on my back / neck, it was probably wiser to do this one at a slightly slower pace. It was lovely out there today, but the suncream and sweat was in my eyes by the end. Always fun.

One thing that did suck today was nearly getting hit by a motorist. Annoyingly, they watched me come, I had my front light flashing, I’m wearing bright white, he looked me in the eyes… and then he pulls out on me. Absolute bandit. Fortunately nothing bad came of it, save for my language in his wide open window.

The one other thing that surprised me today was that I ended up on a road I’ve never been down before. And boy howdy, there were some nice houses down that way. Millionaires row. They’re always the little secluded country roads with their smatterings of fancy gaffs.

One day maybe I’ll join them, rather than simply pass them by.

Anyway, another 26km on the week which pushes me over 100km. And that’s all outdoors, too.

Very good. Now off out for a pizza. Bonsoir!

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