On Again, Off Again

Yesterday: felt good, had a decent ride.

Today: felt knackered, barely managed to average 2.5w/kg.

I don’t know if it’s diet, over exercising, losing my form, or what. Frankly, I’m not that worried about it. I only really ride for fitness and fun, so it’s not like I’m losing my competitive ability, or whatever.

But still, I struggled today. Part of it was the uninspiring route, the cold weather, the feeling I was only going out to burn off some calories and not much else.

The route I took was fairly stop / start, lots of little runs and then turn stiles or little passes to slow down the traffic. Hard to get momentum really. I should stick to the open roads, or at least the back country roads. That way it’s more consistent.

Aside from all this I feel just kinda tired. I want a proper holiday. A trip abroad. Mentally I’m not in a great place at the moment, so I guess the lacklustre efforts are not very surprising.

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