When Life’s Not Going To Plan

Another day, another struggle. The legs are just not responding. It’s got to be all mental at this point, I’m sure. Well, either that, or because I’m layering up for the wind, but the sun is making me hot, and I struggle when I’m hot. It’s a funky climate, cold fingers, sweating body.

I went out today to get over 100km. Mission accomplished, but boy was it a chore in places. Strangely, I was up super early today – 6.30, lot on my mind. But I decided not to go out on the bike early doors, and instead do a family thing with the kids. My ride, therefore, took place later in the afternoon.

Much like yesterday, this one was very forgettable, to the point where I’d forgotten most of the route when it came time to write this post. As such it’s going to be another short one.

I’m wondering if I’m going to do anything tomorrow. Usually Monday is a rest day. However, tomorrow is a bank holiday (aka an enforced day off work), and I don’t have anything planned. The weather looks garbage – heavy rain showers and a strong wind, according to the BBC. I don’t much fancy doing anything indoors, so if that is the case, I might take the rest. Sucks though, feels like a good day for a longer ride.

Anyway, to be honest, these last two weeks I’m feeling really low. It’s some personal stuff to deal with and it’s not got a clear / definitive end in sight. Hopefully it all comes good. Fingers crossed. For now I guess I should go easy on myself… mentally, at least.

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