Pretty Happy With That One

Yeah, can’t complain today.

No incidents, for once.

And for the first time ever I’ve seen a +1 watt increase over on That’s a platform I put a lot of trust into, and it’s definitely nice to see even a tiny gain in terms of FTP because it feels like the only movement on that front in recent months has been down, or sideways.

I have been really pleased with how the fitness line has been slowly but steadily moving upwards and to the right over the past few months, and finally that has paid off.

One thing I definitely think that is helping is to drink my protein shake pre-ride, rather than post-ride.

I had a definitive route in mind today, one that took me out into the countryside which is typically fairly quiet, and was certainly nice and car-free today. Result.

About the only downside today was not hitting 30km, which I think I could have managed under the hour given where I was at, but even so I needed to be home for work reasons so couldn’t stay out much longer than I already had. Even so, by ~2.5km out I had started to cool down a bit, so wasn’t best placed to crank out another 5km, and then cool down.

But yeah, nice and steady today. Hard work. But a good workout and I feel all the better for it.

Not sure if more of the same tomorrow. It’s both weather dependant, and also I can’t nail it every ride or I will fry myself… as I have tended to do when previously on an upward trajectory. It would be nice to get out towards Beacon Fell tomorrow though, if the weather holds.

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