Probably A Terrible Idea

Well, I think it’s two weeks to the day since my last ride. And whilst the headache and fever have thankfully gone, the hacking cough has very much stuck around – and if anything – seems to have gotten worse over the last few days.

Hence the post title.

This was probably not a smart idea.

But I couldn’t stay in the house any longer. For various reasons, today I just had to get out. I went out for a walk on Sunday morning, but that was a light one. This one was far from a PB, but it was the hardest activity I’ve done in long enough and I’ve potentially set back my recovery a bit.

However right now, no regrets.

I do still need to wash the bike before the rain returns at, according to the weather app, 6pm.

I tried to stay fairly close by, on the off chance I felt garbage. But just being out made up for however rough my lungs are feeling.

I’m going to keep this one short today. To say I’m stressed is a massive understatement. Not being able to do any physical activity, combined with feeling like trash and being stuck in the house for weeks on end? It’s not good. I thought we were done with covid, but as per, once you get it, it takes so long to shift.

Unless I die overnight, I’m going to do a ride tomorrow. But probably on the turbo.

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