Roadie Humour

Itching to get out today, I was delayed for over 40 minutes due to a long overrunning meeting. So when I finally did get out, I’d have taken anything I could get. As it was, I got a really decent ride.

Yesterday was intended to be an outdoor ride. However, yesterday the Gods (or just God, depending on your p.o.v) decided a light sprinkling of rain and a small gust of wind wouldn’t be any such bad thing. Then he / she / they cranked all of that up, and just generally ruined any chance of an outdoor ride. I couldn’t face the turbo, and frankly a two day recovery wasn’t any bad thing.

In short, I skipped yesterday.

Once out today I felt fairly decent. Even so I was only intending to ride for as long as possible, rather than putting out any max wattages or go for a time / distance combo. In other words, just pootling around was the order of the day.

Early in the ride I was heading down towards Preston Golf Club when some old boy in his BMW decided he didn’t need to look right before pulling out from his putting session. The clown. Hopefully the mouthful of abuse he suffered will make him think twice.

Fortunately that didn’t spoil the rest of my ride.

I had in mind that I wanted to do the part of the route I didn’t cover last time I went out on a similar session. Mission accomplished, though I found the path was now a real mess due to road works / motorway expansion.

Even so, I thought this sly dig at gravel riders was uncalled for:

Yeah yeah, bad joke. It amused me at the time.

The rest of the ride ended up having to be cut short shy of 30km. Annoying. I’ve done way over my hours already this week, and I had planned to claw some of that back with a good 1h 30m session today, but that wasn’t to be due to the earlier meeting over running.

Bit disappointing, but still an all round enjoyable ride.

I’d be super happy if I could get another outdoor ride tomorrow. Not sure where I might head, but all things being equal I should have slightly more time to put to use in that case. The only issue now is getting all my kit washed and ready in time.

Oh, and the weather staying appropriate.

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