Late Lunch

Whoops. I messed this one up. Well, almost.

Even though I had plenty of time during today to get prepared and ready for my ride, I still somehow found myself rapidly running out of time if I wanted to get in a nice hour long outdoor session over lunch.

All I had in mind today was to pedal about. No efforts. Just chill out.

Maybe “chill out” isn’t quite right, as it was 10c, which for recent weeks is positively summery. Even so, off I went in my full winter kit. Within the first 10 minutes I was regretting it. Should I have worn the gilet? Phew, I was baking. I tried to stop and undo everything, but with rubber gloves on it’s a right pain in the backside. So in the end I just perspiringly persisted.

As it was, I did just pedal around. I did a few of my usual routes, including a nice cycle past the River Ribble then up and back by the Guild Wheel.

All was going well until about 30 minutes in when I was faced with a choice. Either continue following the Guild Wheel, which I knew would take me at least 20 minutes to do in order to get back home. Or I could turn off and go back nearer home via the A roads.

In the end I stuck with my route, and was – as a result – late home. I took it a bit too easy following behind two cyclists, and before I knew it the clock had past 2pm – the start of my afternoon meeting. Whoops.

Fortunately I wasn’t too late. But I was sweaty and feeling vile throughout. Fortunately I kept the camera off, so as not to disgust my colleagues 😀

As a result of trying to nail it home, I set two new Top 10’s on Strava!

Honestly, not my intention.

But that’s me done for the weekday cycling now. The bike wash will have to wait till tomorrow as it’s gone dark and I don’t always manage to get all the muck off in the daylight. There’s always a bit I miss!

Gotta say, I’m knackered though. Really feeling the fatigue.

2 thoughts on “Late Lunch”

    • Ha, thanks 🙂 Honestly, I’m not trying for the sprint type stuff. Some of them are dangerous as well – lots of parked cars and hidden junctions and stuff. Gotta be really careful doing efforts on them. But let’s not kid ourselves – unless it’s a hurricane tailwind I’m not challenging for top spots 😀


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