Saddlesaurus Rex


Can’t say I was too in the mood to ride my bike today, but I did anyway because of routine. I noticed on Tuesday I had a bit of a saddle sore going on, and yesterday’s hot and wet session has clearly made it worse. Within five minutes of setting off today I was really quite uncomfortable, and it only got worse as the ride went on.

On the plus side I think I figured out – and part fixed – my squeaky bike. So like an absolute ape, I got a little trigger happy with the degreaser a while back, and I sprayed it all over my rear mech. Well, it seems that may very well have melted / done whatever magic it does to remove all the essential lubricants. Long story short, I ‘fixed’ it by blasting it with WD-40, and the squeaking has stopped. Huzzah. I’m sure this will only be a very temporary solution, but at least I realised what is almost certainly my mistake. Thank God for cheap bikes to learn on.

Beyond this I have to say I’m feeling pretty knackered. Glad I’m due a rest day. I still have to do my daily press ups but then I’m done (barring the press ups tomorrow) until Saturday.

That’s about all I have to say today.


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