Sprint Weak

Well, today was … not great.

I had to drop off some birthday cards, so my ride route involved various stop offs.

Each one involved a short chat, so that meant less time for riding. But truthfully I wasn’t really in the mood anyway. That doesn’t stop me being disappointed with not even hitting 20km on the day, but still, it’s an excuse. Or reason.

The riding I did do was very stop start, cycle path stuff. That’s the other reason for not doing much distance. Hopefully I can make amends tomorrow.

What I decided to do, maybe to punish myself, was to do sprints.

I don’t do sprinting. I am terrible at it, and it’s my least favourite type of riding. But it must be done, infrequently.

It felt like I did at least 5, but as I didn’t track them precisely, I can only go off what registers as >500 watts on the graph.

In that case I managed 10. Not too bad. The second half was significantly lower in power output than the first half… not unsurprisingly. My God, do they make me feel like I want to puke. How the pros do that in a bunch is frightening. But then everything the pros do is way beyond what I ever could.

Anyway, yeah, try again tomorrow.

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