The Zwift Big Spin 2024 – Stage 4: Slug and Lutece

Today was a slog.

Raining outdoors, the options were to skip a ride, or to do something on the turbo. For once, however, my meetings had been cancelled so I had more time, or at least less time pressure, than usual.

I decided to hop on Zwift on the 2.6w/kg pace partner ride around Watopia Flat, and look for an event or similar, ideally starting at 1pm. This would give me about 20 minutes ‘warm up’ before jumping into something a little more intensive.

One of the options was the Zwift Big Spin Stage 4. I enjoyed the previous one of these that I did, and this time I wouldn’t be at risk of joining late.

There were two options today, one being about 41km or so – not sure of the route – and the other being the Lutece Express / 2 laps of the Champs-Élysées, which was probably a very fitting end for those who had done all four stages. Sadly, I’ve only managed two.

As this one only totalled a couple of laps, 100m-ish of climb, and approximately 25 minutes of riding, I figured I would try to push for a high pace.


Try being the operative word there. As the ride graphs show, I managed about 15 minutes at a high tempo pace before I had to ease off.

And that just goes to show how pointless it would be / have been to do the 20 minute FTP test. I’m pushing to get my fitness back up, but right now it’s definitely not there. I found this one a struggle.

One interesting thing about this ride was that you got a spin of the wheel on both laps.

As a result I picked up the headphones and the stage kit.

I might actually try to do this one again tomorrow. I do like these big spins, and would like to get some of the other prizes, though I’m not entirely sure what things are up for grabs.

Anyway, better than not riding that’s for sure. Tiring though.

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