VLOG #5 – Lytham St Annes

Welp, this one kinda killed me.

The weather forecast has been saying 24c for Wednesday 20th May for the last several days. Today’s the day, and we hit 25c instead. It’s like Tenerife. And of course, that meant a lot of people outdoors.

Me included.

For this ride I wanted a fairly flat route, and managed to find a long, meandering sort of ride down to the Fylde Coast.

Unfortunately I didn’t quite follow my prescribed route on the way out, instead doing pretty much exactly the same route out and back.

Given how hot it was today, doing a ride this long was probably a bad idea. I have to say I have felt absolutely exhausted since returning home, any plans to do an afternoon’s work thrown thoroughly out of the window.

One interesting stat from after this ride was that Garmin decided to drop my FTP down from whatever it was at (224w?) to 218w. I feel this is fair, what with all the crank based shenanigans than have been happening as of late.

As it stands I’ve hit my weekly 100km riding goal already – and I’ve only done two rides so far this week. Madness.

I’m almost certainly going to take a rest day tomorrow, and then I’ll think about the final event in the Tour For All. Right now, I can’t even begin to imagine racing that one.

That’s it from me today. A short one in terms of words. Watch the VLOG if you want a bit more. Focker out!

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