Chillout Ride

This afternoon’s ride was a chilled out hour on the bike. Nothing strenuous at all. I opted for the 10-12wk FTP Builder Week 8 Day 3 ride, which is 6 repeats of 6 minutes at 140w, with 2 minute gaps between at 110w.

For this one I (wrongly) dropped my FTP back down on Zwift from whatever it was at – 224w(?) – to 218w, which is because I automatically assumed it was incorrect due to all the crank stuff over the last few weeks. However, I completely forgot about my Alpe effort. God knows how, as that one was what totally killed me.

So really this one should have been at 148w, rather than 140w. No wonder the Garmin moaned at me – yet again – about an unproductive training session. Sigh.

Aside from that, not a whole lot to say about this ride.

I do have one other interesting bit of news which is that my wife has ordered a treadmill, and a Zwift run pod. So I’m kinda looking forwards to having a wander around Watopia, and whatever other courses are available. Might as well get my moneys worth.

But for now I still have a bunch of other tasks to do today. Not done by a long chalk.

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