Weekly Review April 26th – May 2nd 2021

Each week I try to review and reflect on my previous week on the bike. This allows me to see how my fitness and ability is progressing on a wider timescale than day to day. For previous weekly reviews please click here

This week’s rides were as follows:

All outdoors this week, which probably won’t be the case for the week ahead, what with the weather forecast being what it is.

Only one ride was note worthy though, with the rest being an absolute struggle lately.

Starting on a positive, I really enjoyed the Friday ride for various reasons. Firstly, I actually got to finish early from work for once, clawing back a couple of hours (though I suspect I won’t ever see the other 8 or so I put in). And secondly that made the bank holiday weekend last that little bit longer, so all good.

The ride itself was unplanned from the off, but saw me taking a second attempt at Jeffrey Hill up the steep way, and over Longridge Fell. It’s a taxing climb, no doubt about it. But I gave a better go at it this time than last, and felt great for achieving it. I’d have been miffed at myself for wimping out on this one.

What I enjoyed most, out of all of that ride, was the loooong decent down from the top. It seemed to go on for ages, and the speeds in parts were incredible. I hit well over 60kph twice, which aside from the chilly ears, was actually a whole lot of fun. I wouldn’t have liked to come off at that speed though, woah nelly.

Aside from that ride, however, my other rides really felt like a chore.

I’m convinced this is all mental rather than physical. My mind isn’t quite in the right place at the moment. Doing the cycling each day (or actually, only 4 of 7 days) is all about keeping the routine, rather than doing it for the enjoyment. As such it’s really hard to get motivated to put out consistent power.

One thing I am also questioning at the moment is the validity of “all outdoor” rides.

I’m thinking those indoor sessions, where I am controlled – hour long ERG sessions and what not – they are hugely beneficial to me, even if they seem boring as heck at the time.

I’ve really slacked of on the indoor work though lately. So much so, actually, that I’ve canned my Zwift membership. Yikes.

As above, the weather for the week ahead looks shocking.

What this means is I am far more likely to stay indoors and hit the turbo.

And as I have canned my Zwift membership, I’m hoping to get onto The Sufferfest first and foremost. The truth is, the only thing that’s stopped me so far is not understanding how to record / screenshot that program. Once I figure that out (and maybe it’s easy), I am far more likely to do it regularly.

Overall though, I need to find the mental motivation to keep on keeping on. I have a 100km ride coming up, and I need to do another FTP test. Right now I’m feeling like my FTP score would be down markedly. I’m also not sure I could mentally handle 3-4 hours in the saddle.

For this week ahead if I can achieve 5 rides, hit the 100km goal, and maybe get on a new bit of software, I’d say mission accomplished.

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