(Pah! I just noticed it’s only 44:44 on Strava!!!!)

Four rides in and still quite significantly under 100km on the week. Not ideal, but you know what? Two outdoor rides at the start of October, both without rain, and both in the relative warmth? I’ll take it. I’ve had colder rides, and wetter ones, that’s for sure.

Yeah, so managed to get outdoors at dinner time today. Not wanting to do too much, I probably still overdid it in terms of distance / time / resulting TSS score. But I enjoyed it, for what it’s worth. If I’d had more time, I would have stayed out longer, for sure.

It’s always hard to build up distance when doing an inner city ride (and yeah, Preston is allegedly a city… but really all I mean it riding around town). Lots of stop start, traffic lights, road works, idiot drivers… hard to build that momentum, and ultimately that costs kilometres over enough time.

Mostly what I enjoyed about today was getting a bit of sunlight and some fresh air. As I say, I wasn’t intending to kill myself, or really push myself very hard at all. So armed with my long sleeve jersey I was suitably warm, working just hard enough, and able to clear my head for the afternoon ahead.

All in all, no complaints. Looking forward to the weekend now, both in terms of cycling and just for a break from work. Happy days.

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