Almost There

This week has been all about dialing in the cleat position on my new shoes, and I think / hope I am almost there. I took two stops today to try and iron out the angle of the cleat on my left shoe, which I think is now really close to where it needs to be, and then there’s there right shoe which I thought was spot on, but I decided to change just a bit.

So the left shoe is now what I’d suspect is “good enough”. It’s easy to clip in and out, and I reckon it feels as good as, if not better than my previous pair. But the right? Well, I thought it was perfect, but I still ended up messing with it a bit and now I reckon it needs a further tweak. It’s all about float, and I think I’ve gone too far the other way. Which is to say it now goes too far to the right, and comes up a little tight on where I need it on the left.

Oof. Hard work this. I love my new shoes, but I’d love to be in a position where I could easily and accurately swap cleats over between new and old. That said, it’s not just the new shoes, is it? Even if I’d kept the old shoes I’d still be in a pickle fitting replacement cleats, unless I’d traced them out with a pencil before hand.

I went easy today. Ideally I should have gone with an SST session, because I needed the workout / calorie burn to see me through the evening meal / alcohol intake that’s making typing this out so difficult. But I didn’t do this. I took the easier route, partly because I didn’t want to bugger up my knees with the cleat change.

Anyway, that’s it for today. Caused enough trouble. Time to call it a day and read the kindle in the bath.

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