Zwift Academy 2020: Workout 7 | VO2 Development

Phew, that was a fun one. And by fun, I mean hard and knackering. As I’ve covered a few times now in my weekly reviews, I never managed to complete the Zwift Academy 2020 due to illness. It’s been bugging me, and whilst I can’t finish it off in full, I can at least finish … Read more

No Sweet Beats

It’s been a while. Four months, actually. But today I decided it had been long enough, and got back on with an SST session. This one would be taken at my new FTP, which I have actually forgotten what that figure is. Whatever it is, it meant riding at 210w off, and 225w on. Or … Read more

Highs of Zero

Right then. Outdoors reached a sub-tropical zero degrees centigrade here in Preston today, so I saw sense and stayed indoors. Apparently it’s supposed to reach 2c overnight – so literally warmed in the dead of night than during midday. What the actual, right? Anyway, I wanted to do something, but that something wasn’t going to … Read more