Norseman Workout #4: Hardangervidda

Technical issues abound today as I decided – abruptly – to take on the next workout in The Norseman series. Opting for Innsbruck Forward KOM as the route, this workout actually tied really closely to the climb – at least for the first two intervals. Right away I was unable to get the Zwift Companion … Read more

Not The Most Taxing Task Today

Phew. I knew this one was going to be a bit of a chore when the very first interval bit harder than I was expecting. In fact, you know you’re in for a shift when you’re already getting hot and bothered in the warm up ramp. However, with daddy day care on the horizon later … Read more

Norseman Workout #3: Geilo

Two birds with one stone today. I managed to get in my third Norseman workout, a great way to kick start the week, whilst also experiencing the latest Zwift map expansion in the form of the neon light fest of Neokyo. It’s a shame really, the pictures above don’t do the route the justice it … Read more