Indoor Sweet Spot Training

For this evening’s ride I took on another SST session. The difference being that today’s session was completed indoors on the turbo, versus yesterday which was outdoors on the open road. Right off the bat I will say I found this session harder in so much as there was no slacking off. No coasting. No … Read more Indoor Sweet Spot Training

Over Cadence

For this afternoon’s ride I opted for an SST session, hitting Yorkshire’s Tour of Tewit Well route. The big “mistake” as such I made on this one was to go at too high a cadence. For whatever reason I couldn’t seem to stop myself from spinning closer to 100rpm – averaging 99rpm for the ride … Read more Over Cadence

Riding In Restraints

Nothing major to report from this ride. Just an easy 30km / 1hr ride to get back riding after my fall on Saturday. The one unusual aspect to this ride was in that I had to wear a wrist guard to allow me to put sufficient weight on my wrist / hand. The wrist guard … Read more Riding In Restraints

Recovery Road

Late on the bike today. Well, later than planned, at least. I had wanted to get today’s ride in during my dinner break but due to mistiming a meeting, I ended up doing this one later in the day. Still not feeling those morning rides lately. Today I was after recovery, ideally an hours ride … Read more Recovery Road